Birch City Cliff Perimeter

Birch town its a huge town located in the Perpetual Island, at the north east of the Imperial Sea, west of Imperial Lands . It is located on a high cliff, called the Cliff of Dwarves because the first civilization that started creating this town were dwarves.

City is divided by to perimeters/zones: The Port perimeter, and the Cliff Perimeter.

The port perimeter is the economic zone of the city, with a few houses, the huge port, and a lot of stores

The Cliff Perimeter is the residential and biggest zone at town, full of quests, houses, citizens, ect.

Both zones are connected by the Birch City internal railway system and the Empire Way.

Birch City is know for its magical and exotic architecture.

City districts are:

Port district

Merchant district

Empire way

Temple district

Triangle district

Dwarf district

Eden plaza

Royal district


City was inspired on Skingrad (Oblivion)

Size: Big

Biome: Cliffs/Mountains/Island

Quests: Around 20

Population: Dwarves/Imperials

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