The forgotten miners village, located at the bottom of the Grand Hole , located at south of Snowville , can be accessed by walking and jumping from rock to rock, its hard to reach so you should equip some food before try to get to it.

Village is full of Imperials, miners who used to live at Snowville at year ET23 , at Snowy-ville, when Snowville was turning into a city, they have never seen and do not even know that that little village would turn into the big city Snowville, they got lost inside the hole after looking for some minerals, they have been trapped for more than 30 years.

No one has been able to rescue them, except you. (If you complete the quest Extraction )

This village consists in 6 and only 6 houses, no stores.

The Forgotten Miners Village usually, it is destroyed by the Ghasts and golems around this area, so watch out, specially at the residential district.

Village districts are:

Main Plaza

Residential district

Hell Caves


Size: Small

Quests: 1

Biome: Caves

Population: Imperials, Ghasts, Friendly goblins, golems and other deadly beasts.

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