Fort Wood Hound:

Terrifying haunted fort, located a few blocks near The Great Cascades , in the middle of The Kingdom.

2011-03-15 19.17.18

Fort entrance.

Fort is made of stone, and it is known around Imperial Lands because inside it, it lies one of the most precious and last posessions of the ancestor of this region.
2011-03-15 19.17.57

Fort Wood Hound abandoned defense towers.

There is a quest related with this posession, The Mossy of the Dead.

Wood Hound consists in 3 floors, the first floor is the ancient room, second floor is the throne chamber and where the abandoned defense towers are, the underground floor, the ancient tomb, it is the haunted place where the ancestor bones lie along with his posessions, full of undead guardians, such as skeletons and zombies and tomb is infested with spiders.

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