The dark brotherhood, located at Botternil , the only assassins faction at Imperial Lands , it is located at the Farm District, at the basement of a creepy abandoned wooden house.

The entrance is a little 1x1 hole (one block) in the floor, which leads to you the guild.

Usually, the house has inside one or two undead creatures, such as zombies, creepers and ghosts.

The base consists in, a warehouse full of weapons, the assassins headquarters and the combat field, a little arena to practice with some forgotten black souls.

The Dark Brotherhood increases your assassination and location skills, also they offer really great rewards and this guild it is known by less than 2% of population at Botternil , from the 30 rumors at this city, only 2 of them talk about this guild.

This guild offers 4 quests:

2 training quests and 2 assassination and action quests.

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