The mages guild, there are currently 2 guilds at Imperial Lands , one at Celonir , and another one at Skidrow.

Currently, the mages guild does not increases player skills, however, it gives you the chance to complete some quests with great rewards.

There are 4 quests a the mages guild.

Mages guild quests at Celonir: 3

Mages guild quests at Skidrow: 1

Skidrow Mages guild:

This wooden building, at the plaza with the fontain of virtue, consists in the lobby, and mages chambers and the spells testing room.

The lobby has one quests and one rumor.

The mages headquarters or chambers, at the second floor, it is full of beds and chests with some things of value, it has a chets with a rumor.

And the spells testing room is a random tiny room, with a door, random place blocks, a square of water and a spawner with zombies.

Celonir Mages guild:

This stone building, located at the Main Plaza, it can be accessed through the Celonir way, it consists in 2 floors, the lobby and the mages chambers, just like the Skidrow Mages guild.

For more guilds, visit the guilds article.

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