The treasure hunters guild, currently 5 at Imperial Lands , one at Botternil , second one at Orzammir , another at Skidrow, one at Celonir and Erebor and the last one at Skylands.

Click here for the quests articles of all this guilds at each city.

Skidrow Treasure Hunters guild:

This structure it is located at the end of the Eden district.

Currently, is offers one quest: The Yakpi Empire.

Quests: 1

Celonir Treasure Hunters guild:

This brick structure is located at the end of the Celonir Way, it offers one quest: Cold Caverns.

Quests: 1

Botternil Treasure Hunters guild:

Brick structure, located at start of the Farm District, it has one quest, Sacred Oak Treasure.

Quests: 1

Skylands Treasure Hunters guild:

Located at the 2nd floor of the city, this structure is made of stone and it offers one quest related with a treasure inside a cave.

Quests: 1

Erebor Treasure Hunters guild:

Located at the Main plaza at Erebor, a big wooden structure with two doors.
2011-03-22 19.07.23

Erebor Treasure Hunters guild

Quests: 7

Orzammir Treasure Hunters guild:

Located at the Collop District, near the Notch Waterfall.
2011-04-04 19.13.40

Orzammir Treasure Hunters guild

Quests: 1

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