This article shows when certain things happend through out the Imperial Lands history, the years are called AT - UT - TU - ET.

Before AT century (unknown date) - Aurum was created

AT1 - Imperial Lands, in that time, called Nerundia , started the battle for their lands.

UT96 - Ancient war finished, and region was declared as "Imperial Lands ".

TU2 - Yapki Empire the first city in "Imperial Lands" starts.

TU98 - Yapki Empire mysteriously disappears.

ET2 - Minecity delcared a city.

ET23 - The Snowville Miners get lost inside the depths of The Grand Hole.

ET32 - Snowville is created.

ET33 - Dwarves started war against the power of the Orzammir king.

ET35 - Orzammir created

ET60 - King Lewis takes the throne.

ET61- Erebor was started

ET62 - The Infested village suffered the unknown infection.

ET61 - Snowville becomes a big city.

ET63 - Skidrow is complete.

ET65 - Current year at Imperial Lands.

ET65 (again) - Erebor city was created.

ET70 - King Lewis will resign from the throne.

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