The infested village its an abandoned ville that suffered from a virus from an unknow place (it is up to you to find it) It is located at the south of Snowville , at the Winter Woods.

The original name of this little town was Hecta Log.

Hecta Log has been abandoned since year ET62 , when the virus killed everyone, now everybody in this creepy place are zombie pigmen.

The village is made of Bloddstone, 95% bloodstone, the other 5% are ladders and torches.

Village consits in the Main Plaza and the Residential District.

Infested village can be seen from the Snowville Observatory, other than that place, this ville is really hard to find since it is hidden in the haunted Winter Woods.


Size: Medium

Quests: 1

Biome: Hell/Really dense forest

Population: Zombie Pigmen

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