2011-03-15 15.06.32

Picture of two nether towers.

These dangerous towers can be only accessed through the Oblivion Gates , they are made of obsidean and are really high.

There are 4 gates at the nether, since there are 4 Oblivion gates at Imperial Lands.

They were inspired on the Planes of Oblivion and Battle towers.

Each floor has one type of enemies, the higher you go, the harder enemies you will find and floors will be destroyed, so its easy to fall, but the rewards will be greater.

At the end of the tower you will find a boss, usually a ghast, succubus or a golem, your objective in these towers is to take the sigil stone to close the Oblivion Gate.


The sigil stone is a slimeball.

In version of Imperial Lands 0.3 , there were not nether towers. This bug was fixed in version 0.3.1.

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