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Panoramic view of the chasm

Orzammir, a city that hides at the mountains of the Imperial Sea , the city of dwarves, it was built in year ET35 , it used to be a huge slave city, governed by the king in that time, but then they revealed themselves, took the throne of the city and created this exotic chasm.

At north of this city you can find the unexplored zone of the Imperial Sea , same at west and east but the explored zone and at south, it is located the floating Prisoners Island.

As said before, it is city of dwarves, however, there are also humans as well with bandits, rogues, samurais, ect, just as a normal city.

Also, as you may already noticed by the structure of Orzammir, the city economy depends on mining, since is what dwarves make better, since this city was a slave chasm.

City is under heavily work and it is coming out on Imperial Lands v0.4.

NOTE: The pictures only show the basic structure, Orzammir will change a lot when it comes out.

Scroll down for more pictures.

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