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Survivor chamber and chest with sword and reward.

QUEST: Akivari Sword

Started: Orzammir Treasure Hunters guild

Items needed: None

Items recommended: Torches

Difficulty: Medium

Length: Long

Combat: Yes

Puzzles: No

Reward(s): Torches, Longsword, Diamond sword, cobblestone, ladders, golden apples, bread, diamonds and sticks.

Go to Orzammir , at the Treasure Hunters guild , at the Collop district (near the Notch Waterfall), there you will find the quest chest, a member of the guild will tell you that they are looking for a longsword, the Akivari Sword, Akivari was the last survivor of Orzammir after the dwarfish rebellion (click here for Orzammir History), it is located inside the survivor chamber, at the Survivor caverns , the biggest cave system at Imperial Lands.

Quest is hard because of the caves, they are huge. They dont have any enemies, except from the entrance, which is damned with some spirits.

To access them, head to the Notch Waterfall (left side of the guild entrance, should be extremely easy to see) and look for a hole at the ground, below the water, there you will find the entrance, survive the first room, full of ghosts and reach the center of the caves, there, explore them until you find a room with a sign (see picture) and some kind of obsidian throne, there you will find the sword and your reward, bring back tghe sword to the guild and...


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