Quest Start


Started: The Fighters Guild at Snowville

Items Needed: None

Items Reconmended: Weapons, Armour, Food

Difficulty: Medium

Length: Varies

Combat: Yes

Puzzles: None

Reward(s): Diamond Sword, Iron Sword, 128 Arrows, A Bow and Loot from eniems.

You start this quest when you walk into the Fighters Guild.

The book tells you about the Skidrow Arena and how if you want to be strong you will need traing.

The Chest

To your left near the door there is a chest with some arrows, a bow, a diamond sword and a iron sword. You can take a weapon(s) from here.

Once you are equiped go to the iron door next to the quest chest press the button on the lower left hand side and eneter the room, once your in, there is no way out... (well there is one, but it is hidden)

You will need to see how long you survive, what i do is keep a tally of how many enemies i kill.

Seeing as you can finish whenever you want to i have created a system to know how good you are. The "Kill Streak" ends when you leave the room or die.

0-10 Kills = Noob

11-20 Kills = Somewhat Passable

21-25 Kills = Passable

26-40 Kills = Strong

Time to pwn

41-50 Kills = Beast

51-60 Kills = PWNAGE

61-75 Kills = LEGEND

76-90 Kills = BLOODY LEGEND

91-100 Kills = Strong Pwnage Beasty Blood Legend

100+ Kills = :O

I recomend alternating between the diamond sword and the bow, and using the food and hearts the eniems drop.

I would say you can say you finished the quest once you reach the Streak "Passable".

I got to 46 Kills before i almost died so i left which means i fall into the Beast Streak.

Once you have finished your streak...


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