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Entrance of the Aurum Caves

QUEST: Aurum, The Golden Ruins

Started: The Treasure Hunters guild at Erebor

Items Needed: Nothing

Items Recomended: Torches, armor, swords, bow, arrows and food.

Difficulty: Hard

Lenght: Medium

Combat: Yes

Puzzles: No
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Goblins trying to chase down the player.

Reward: Entrance to Aurum with the biggest treasure at Imperial Lands , unlock quest 5 and ladders.

After you deliver the book to the guild (previous quest) , speak with another member of the guild, he will inform you that they have finally researched the sacred bones you got in quest 1 , and the book that you got in quest 3 , they have found the location of Aurum, the golden ruins, which are at the Aurum caves.

Get outside the building and look at the city walls, the entrance of the caves is where there is yellowstone (at walls), that means there is the cave, use the ladders that the guild member gave you to reach them, once you are in, prepare to run, or die...

Equip your torches and swords, run as fast as you can, placing torches, looking for the entrance of the lost civilization of Aurum, the cave is full of goblins, you will have to run from more than 20 ancient goblins, the entrance of Aurum is at the other side of the cave.

Once you are in:

QUEST COMPLETED, ready to start quest 6 and get the treasure.

For more quests, visit the quests article.

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