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The Center Oblivion Gate and the destroyed shrine.


Started: At Lord Gazuba's shrine

Items Needed: None

Items recommended: Armor, golden apples, bread, diamond weapons, ect.

Difficulty: Hard

Length: Long

Combat: Yes

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The Center oblivion gate nether tower.

Puzzles: No

Reward(s): Golden sword, slime ball, diamonds, bread, golden apples, random blocks, torches, diamond armor, arrows and some other misc. items.

Head to the Lord Gazuba's shrine, in the middle of The Kingdom,

should be really wasy to see since the Oblivion Gate is huge. The shrine looks destroyed, becuase of the ghasts that came last night to the surface. At the shrine you will find a follower that will explain you the situation, telling you that you must close the gate before the ghasts come again at night along with the zombie pigmen.

Get inside the gate, you will enter into the nether realm, find your respective nether tower (each oblivion gate has his own nether tower). The nether tower should be really close to the nether portal, also, its the easiest one from all 4.

Battle through every floor, the higher you get, better rewards and harder monsters,

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Center oblivion gate tower last floor. (bosses)

if its a dark floor, place torches, otherwise golems or creepers will spawn. At the top, you will find bosses, in this case, ghasts, DON'T WASTE TIME KILLING HIM, take the sigil stone (slime ball) and get out of the nether.


For more quests, visit the Quests article.

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