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First floor of the Church


Started: At the pioneer Grak Mur house, Great Cascade

Items Needed: None

Items recommended: Armor, torches, weapons.

Diffuclty: Medium

Length: Long

Combat: Yes

Puzzles: None

Reward(s): Torches, diamond full armor, golden apples, diamonds, redstone, diamond sword, bones and some other misc. items.

Reach the top of The Great Cascades at the start of the Imperial River , by using the water OR BY PLACING BLOCKS (you can place blocks to reach this point), there you will find a house, the pioneer Grak Mur house, there you will start the quest, he will tell you that he lost an important mysticism book and he thinks the necromancers took it and left it on the creepy Church of Diablo .

You will have to go to the haunted and abandoned church, located at the Velar Mountains , which can be easily seen from The Great Cascades . Reach it and get ready for fight the zombies, place torches everywhere so you can stop the enemies spawn. Look around for the church undercroft, descend to it, there you will some kind of blood ritual, place torches again so you can stop the zombie spawning, take the book and escape from that horrible place, your reward will be in one chest at the first floor of the church and the other reward at the chest where you find the book.

After that, give the book to Grak Mur and...


For more quests, visit the Quests article.

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