QUEST: Desease:

Started: Outside Your Minecity House

Items Needed: Nothing

Items Recomended: A Pickaxe (To breaker spawner) Food, Weapons, Armour.

The Quest Start

Diffuculty: Medium

Lenght: Short

Combat: Yes

Puzzles: No

Reward: A Diamond Pick, a Golden Apple (If you don't eat it), and a Spawner

After reading the book in the chest outside your home to start the quest, you have discovered that Lolula the Maid's husband has died from a Desease form a Succubus , she asked you to kill it.

After you read the book head west from the chest to the farm district's enterance, the west past the wheat

The way to Succubus

farms and the reed farms.

Once you reach the minecart track jump over the fence and prepare for the final battle.

WARNING: Succubus kills you very quickly so put any valuables that you don't want to lose in a chest! You have been warned.

When Succubus spawns act quickly and don't fool for a charm.

Succubus awakens!

Keep hitting her and DON"T LET HER TOUCH YOU she kills fast. If you fall below 3 hearts eat the golden apple you were supplyied with.

Once you kill her act even faster then you did when fighting her quickly destroyed the spawner before she respawns.

Another good way to kill her thats really easy is to put all of your stuff into a chest then go to her spawner. Once shes following you lure her into to the woods a good distance then let her kill you. grab your pick from the chest go to her spawner before she despawns and destroy it. you didnt even have to fight her at all. (P.S that way is if you want it easy. We still recommend fighting her.)

After that...



Taking down the spawner

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