QUEST: Dirty Gold

Started: Aurum temple

Items needed: TNT

Items recommended: Torches

Difficulty: Medium

Length: Long

Combat: Yes

Puzzles: No

Reward(s): Infinite torches, diamond sword, mace, flaming sword, golden sword and sticks.

Last quest of the Erebor Treasure Hunters guild , after complete the previous quest , at the Aurum Temple, you find out that the guild has been using you, that explains all the corpses around Aurum, the citizens of Erebor talking about the Treasure Hunters guild members "dissapearing" and the leaders of the guild talking about some trap related with the new guy (you), they have been using all the members to find the Aurum treasure and share it with the whole guild, or die getting to it...

No one has been able to get it, only you, but you will not share it, you will take your revenge.

Head to a wooden planks structure at the First District of Erebor , a minerals store, look for the rumor chest, the owner of the store will talk you about some members of the guild hiding at a basement inside a stone house, at Orzammir , head to it, the house is at the city barracks, look around, it is at opposite corner of the city entrance, get inside the house, before get inside the basement, read the book and pick the TNT at the right of the house, descend to the dark basement, it will be full of enemies, the members of guild, pick up your reward, place the TNT given and escape from the house without leaving a trace of the act of revenge.


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