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The caverns are behind this store


Started: The Hunters guild at Erebor

Items Needed: Sword, torches

Difficulty: Easy

Length: Medium (find the caverns could take a bit)

Combat: Yes

Puzzles: None

Reward(s): Powerful Gems

Go to Erebor , and start the quest at the Hunters guild , at the Farm District of the city. A member will talk you about finding the Yekta caverns and owning some gems.

To locate the caves, you will have to ask around the city, the location of the rumor is inside a wooden house with some cobblestone, at the Market district, get inside, read the rumor and head to the caves, which is at the left of that house, behind a stone
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A blue dragon inside the caverns

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Dragon Gems


Place torches, its a really dark cave, but no enemies, yet...

Make your way to the bottom of the caves, and hit a dragon, be careful, the types of dragon inside these caves (blue dragons), are really dangerous, their damage is 3 hearts per hit, kill one, and take the gems, now you can:

Return the gems to the guild


Use the gems for your own bussines (of course, you must know what you can do with them)

Either way, you will complete the quest.


For more quests, visit the quests article.

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