QUEST: Economic Justice

Started: Celonir Taxes offices

Items Needed: TNT

Difficulty: Easy

Length: Short

Combat: Yes

Puzzles: No

Reward: Diamonds, torches, TNT, and a lot of other items not listed here.

Head to Celonir , at the waterfront district you will find a stone structure, the taxes control offices at the city. A worker will talk about a criminal that will kill them all because the taxess workers send him a note saying that if he did not payed the money, he would go to the Imperial Jail, at Minecity.

In the chest you will find some TNT, pick it up and head to the mentioned bandit camp, The Fire camp. To find it, head to the east city barracks and look around, there should be a camp, the floor is made of sand. Shouls be really easy to locate, even if your render distance is on short.

Head to it, PICK UP YOUR REWARD (at the top left corner, behind a bed) and place the TNT to blow up the camp and...


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