QUEST: Extraction:

Started: The Forgotten Miners Village , at the Grand Hole

Items Needed: Nothing

Items Recomended: Torches, Armor, swords, bow, arrows, ect.

Difficulty: Really Hard

Lenght: Short

Combat: Yes

Puzzles: No

Reward: Ladders and other items not listed here

Really hard and epic quest, sounds simple, but it is not...

Head to The Grand Hole , south of Snowville , at find a way to descend, easiest way is by the north side (the side facing to Snowville ), then jump on the village Main Plaza and then jump to the city. Watch out with the golems and ghasts...

Start the quest at the village plaza, read it, a miner will talk you about their story, they have been trapped inside the hole for more than 7 years, they got lost and abandoned working, searching for some minerals.

You have to free those poor miners and help them to reach his home, Snowville , with the ladders, now here comes the hard part, ladders are located inside The Hell Caves, the deepest and one of the most dangerous caves at Imperial Lands , full of ghasts, slimes, zombies, skeletons, spiders and other enemies that may spawn, since cave is really dark.

Before get inside the cave, look around the village, at the residential district there is wooden house with 4 golden apples and some food that you may need, also, inside other whouses you may find rumors and weapons.

When you are ready, get inside the hell, you will hear the enemy mob sounds, before get in, clear the entrance, and remember, the battlefield is your best friend. Best tactic is run like a first person shooter game, run and take cover, run and take cover, repeat this process, placing torches AND WITHOUT KILLING MOBS (unless you want to waste your time, since there are more than 20 spawners), until you reach the other sice of the dangerous admirium/bedrock cave, take the ladders, and return to the village, place them at the main plaza, where there is a sign saying "HERE" until you reach top and complete the quest.


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