QUEST: Into the Depths:

Started at:Broke-ville horse stable.

Items Needed: None

Items recommended: Weapons and armor

Diffucltiy: Hard

Length: Medium

Combat: Yes

Puzzles: None

Reward(s): This quest does not has a reward, although, you can pick up all the things inside the village, orcs have a lot of goodies. (diamonds, weapons, torches, boats, ect.)

You start this quest at the Broke-ville horse stable, you will need to bring some artifact for a villager.

The villager tells you to find the Orc Caverns , an underground village located a few blocks near the stable.

You get inside and you will need to stay alert for orcs, otherwise, they will kill you. You need to ask around the small and dangerous village for rumors about the orc that has the artifact.

The house with the rumor is the one at the village entrance, get inside and an orc will talk you about a powerful orc that lives at the end of the village, his house is locked with a iron door, so you need to infiltrate by using the village sewers at the village entrance, complete the dangerous tunnels, reach his house, take the artifact, and escape from the Orc Caverns.


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