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Panoramic view of the Lava Caverns entrance.

QUEST: Lava Caverns

Started: The Treasure Hunters guild at Erebor

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Lava Caverns

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Goblin Book

s Needed: None

Difficulty: Easy

Length: Short

Combat: No

Puzzles: None

Reward(s): Unlock quest 3

The second quest of the Treasure Hunters guild at Erebor , you must talk with a member of the guild and he will tell you to find a goblin book talking about some lost civilization, related with Aurum, this book it is located at the Lava Caverns, at the Farm District of Erebor.

Should be really easy to see from a high spot, get inside them, and jump from block to block without falling into the lava, then try to survive the water flood, look around and get the book, which is written in an unknown goblin language.

Bring it back to the guild and...

QUEST COMPLETE, ready to do quest 3.

For more quests, vist the quests article.

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