Started: The empty lot outside The Breda Combat Shop in Minecity, Also near Guard Philip's House

Items Needed: You are given items from the chest to build a structure.

Diffuculty: Safe (unless you are building a somewhat "dangerous" building)

Length: Varies, as long as it takes you to build the structure

Combat: No

Puzzles: No

Reward: Your own sturcture that you made. You can do what ever you wish, including a farm or mine.

The quest begins with another request to build a structure for Minecity.

The Outside Of P.P.U

You can take as long as you like and make it as big as you like.

You must use the blocks in the chest to build your structure, remember, dont steal the items from the chest! Put them back is un-used.

I built the P.P.U base (Pegasus Protection Unit) it is force fighting the C.O.P (See Minecity Building)

It has alot of windows, an underground stable and shifts.

You can make anything, it dosent have to be like mine. Be original and creative!

Once your structure is done...


The Underground Stables


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