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Fort Wood Hound


Started: Fort Wood Hound

Items Needed: Nothing

Items recommended: Torches, armor, weapons.

Difficulty: Medium

Lenght: Medium

Combat: Yes

Puzzles: Yes (labyrinth)
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Quest Chest at the ancient room

Reward: Bones, torches, lapis azuli, mossy cobblestone, chainmail leggings, golden apples and tandom blocks.

Go to the haunted Fort Wood Hound , located near The Great Cascades , at the Imperial River , center of of Imperial Lands and start the quest at the ancient room (the first room), you will have to retrieve the ancestor last posession, the bloody mossy in the ancestor catacombs, so prepare your torches and weapons.

Just to be quick, here is a quick resume of what you will do after this:
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Stairs to the haunted catacombs

Go the ancestor catacombs, stairs are at the ancient room.

Place torches everywhere to prevent the undead guardians of spawning.

Solve the catacombs labyrinth, to solve it, follow this steps:

 Walk straight
 Always look at right  until you find a tunnel near the end
 Reach the end of the tunnel and retrieve the mossy cobblestone and your    reward
 Escape from the horrible ancient maze.


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