QUEST: Saving the farm

2011-03-27 17.09.41

Quest chest

Started: Botternil Farm District

Items Needed: Pickaxe

Items recommended: None

Difficulty: Easy
2011-03-27 17.09.52

Floating Forest

Length: Short

Combat: Maybe

Puzzles: None

Reward(s): Bow, arrow, diamond sword, cloth and food.

Really easy quest, head to the Botternil Farm District, and talk with an NPC requesting help, all the plantations at the district are being destroyed by the rock monsters , which can be really easy to see around the district. They are coming from the Floating Forest, a little piece of land at the sky, just above the district.

Head to it, by using some ladders near the quest chest, and destroy the spawners, there are 3, but watch out, it is really easy to hit a monster with the pickaxe, which could result into a big mess. Once you destroyed all the rock monsters spawners, under a spawners, there will be a cloth block, which will lead you to your reward, the chest is full of human items the rock monsters gather from the citizens of Botternil.


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