QUEST: The fixer

Started: The Mages guild
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The place where the potioning hut is (cobblestone house, middle of the picture)

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Six head pigs

at Erebor

Items Needed: Pickaxe

Items recommended: Diamond sword, bow, arrows, food and armor.

Difficulty: Hard

Length: Medium

Combat: Yes

Puzzles: None

Reward(s): Diamonds, bread, golden apples, arrows, torches, cobblestone, bow, diamond leggings, ladders and a huge list of other goodies.

Visit the Mages guild at Erebor , there, you will find a mage that is looking for help, he will talk you about their recent potion, it turns humans into pigs, but it created a new type of powerful beast, the six headed pigs. The law of Imperial Lands will close all the guild member in jail, unles they find a way to fix and exterminate this mutation, which is hard, here comes your part. They said they created the potion at some potioning hut, at the outsides of Minecity , head to it (this part may be hard to find), it is located near the city waterfront, at the other side of the defending city walls (at the sand floor, near some ruins).

Once you are in the correct place, take out your pickaxe and equip your armor and weapons, these pigs should be killed with one hit (diamond sword), but they are like six mobs in one, so watch out, also, they spawn in groups of 4, as you may see in the picture. Destroy the 3 mob spawners with the mutations, and head to the potioning hut, there you will find some supplies and your reward.


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