Where to start it: In the bandits hideout, in between the Church of Notch and the Joe Ramsey Inn.


Quest Start

Items required: a diamond pickaxe

Items recommended: None

Difficulty: Easy

Length: Short

Combat: No

Puzzles: Yes

Reward: 5 monster spawns, 10 gold ingots, multiple diamond equipment, bows and arrows, and more.

Detailed Walkthrough

To start this quest head south from the Church of Notch, at Minecity, to find a small hole in the wall, go to the hole and you've entered the Bandit hideout. Open the chest to get the book and start the quest. You are told to go into Minecity bank and rob the master chest, which is hard to find.


Minecity Bank

The bank is west of the station that is a waypoint on your minimap. Once inside turn right and look up to see a ladder leading into a hole in the ceiling. To get on to the ladder jump onto one of the bricks with touches on them, then on the music player and jump up to get onto the ladder. At the top of the ladder you find yourself in a small room, the chest in here is not the master chest.

Go back to the ground floor, jump though into the cobblestoned area and turn around to see a sign telling you to break the wool. Go back to the small room and break the wool in the corner to view a wall of obsidean and a few signs telling how

the complete the quest.

Enter the room by breaking the plank in front of you and use you diamond pickaxe to dig a path though the obsidean, starting just right of


The Signs

the signs. After a few blocks you should enter a small room with a small chest in the wall, break the brick ontop of it to open the chest. After you have done that, the quest is complete.

If you really want to you could break the chest and take it to the bandits hideout, though this is not compulsory and will fill your inventory with a lot of items.

2011-03-15 22.55.04

Master Chest

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