Quest Start


Started: The thrid floor (roof) of the Pupu Analogico house in the Snowville village. (Snowy-ville)

Items Needed: None

Items Recommended: Weapons, Armour, Food, Torches

Diffuculty: Easy

Length: Short

Combat: No

Puzzles: No

Reward: An item of your choice, or a Cake, 2 Compases, 3 Golden Apples, 8 Sandstone and a Diamond Chestplate if you don't give his stuff back.

After reading the book on the third floor of Pupu's house in Snowville, you learn that he has lost his stuff in the Vorkuta mines.

He says if you can return his stuff you will be rewarded.

The Voruka Mines

To get to the Vorkuta mines head outside the house, walk north past some more house, past the markets to the Snowville mining area.

Head down the stairs and look around, you will see a doorway with a sign above it saying "Vorkuta" head through it and jump down into the water.

Look around from where you are you will see a chest, head towards it.

Inside you will find a Cake, 2 Compases, 3 Golden Apples, 8 Sandstone and a Diamond Chestplate.

To get back, float up the waterfall and then make your way back to Pupu's house.


Once there dump the stuff in the starting chest and take 1 thing out. (Unless you be naughty and take more!)

Once you have your item(s)....


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