QUEST: Recovering the canvas

Started: The quest room inside the tunnel at your spawn point at Minecity.

Items Needed: None

Items recommended: Swords, armor, bow, arrows and food.

Difficulty: Hard

Length: Short

Combat: Yes

Puzzles: None

Reward(s): Unlock quest 4 , unlock new quests, diamonds, new village, paintings, cake, torches, gold & iron bars, redstone, and other random blocks not listed here.


As the King Lewis said on the previous quest , he was going to give you two tasks, this is the second one.

The king favorite piece of art has been stolen, it was located at the Imperial Castle at Minecity , name of the painting was "The King's Loyalty", as well with the king favorite book, named as the painting.

They have a feeling that it is located at Theva-ville , a dangerous thieves village located in the middle of The Kingdom.

Head to The Kingdom , village is located a few blocks from the Imperial River , and it is made of sandstone, get inside, but not from the entrance, it is a trap that leads you to death, you must enter by a random hole in the middle of the grass, behind the village, near some hole/caves related with some other quests in this village, find the hole and you will enter into the village sewers, which will lead you to the village water well at the Main Plaza before use the ladders to go up, prepare the best you got, go up, take cover from place to place, village will be full of bandits and thieves which will stole your items, located at the top left corner of Theva-ville a wooden house, a bandit hideout, inside there, there will be the bandits loot chest, open it and there will be the book, the painting and your reward, get outside the house, and there will be some signs leading you to the exit of this dangerous village.

Once you are out, go back to the castle and place the painting on the wall where the name of the piece of art is.


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