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The Quest Conspiration

QUEST: Conspiration

Started: Imperial Castle at Minecity.

Items Needed: Pickaxe

Items recommended: Swords, armor, bow, arrows and food.

Difficulty: Medium

Length: Long

Combat: Yes

Puzzles: None

Reward(s): Unlock quest 5, diamonds, diamond pickaxe, diamond sword, armor, arrows, and a lot of other items not listed here.

The King Lewis sends you a note which is at the room inside the tunnel at your spawn point, it tells you to go to the Imperial Castle at Minecity , he has to talk with you.

Head to the castle, located at the Minecity waterfront. Enter and watch at your left, there should be the quest, start it, a messager of the king will tell you that the king is hiding in some unknown place, he is about to die, it is up to you to confirm if this rurmor about the assassination is true or false. The messager tolds you to start by looking around the castle for more information. Head to the guards headquarters at the castle, there, inside the guards chambers you will find some diaries talking about a plan, they will be meeting inside the guard phillip house.

Head to that house, it is a wooden house at the Castle district, this part can be a little frustrating, find that house may not be easy for some players.

Get inside, there will be a table and a chest with an important document, which gives every part of Imperial Lands (cities) to one man, and the king will be the guard Phillip, they said they will finish the assassination plan at their base, at the south district of Minecity.

Get outside the house and head to the South District, there, a few blocks from the Minecity Poor District, there will be a base, made of cobblestone and wooden planks, get inside, but not by the entrnace, it is a trap, which can be easily passed, but you dont want to lose any health. The best entrance to the base if behind the structure, there is a hole that leads you to it. Once you are inside, destroy all the spawners with knights, dont hit any guards, or you may die. Once you are done, pick your reward, get out of the base and head to the tunnel at your spawn point for next quest.


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