First of all, the quests system works like this:

  • You see the quest chest.
  • You open the chest.
  • Pick and read the book.
  • If you are going to start the quest, pick the book and the items inside the chest.
  • If you are not going to do the quest, leave the book in the chest (in the chest, don't drop it) along with the quest items inside the chest.

Quest can usually be found by reading rumors around the map.

Quests at Imperial Lands , click them for full list:

NOTE: These articles needs a lot of work, remember that this wiki is just starting.

Quests list:

Main Quests

Note: The main quests are coming in version 0.4 of Imperial Lands

Quest 1: Jail Escape

Quest 2: An adventure begins

Quest 3: Protecting the canvas - Recovering the canvas

Quest 4: Conspiration

Quest 5: Stop the battle

More quests will be added soon

Secondary quests



Birch City






Yakpi Empire

The Kingdom

Imperial River


The Forgotten Miners Village


Infested village

Orc Caverns

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