Skidrow is the city of the Divine, the goddess of this land. It is know for the diverses types of structures, shops, stables, and it has the famous Imperial Lands museum and the dangerous arena.

Town it is located at south-west of Imperial Lands , and at north you can find Minecity , at east Celonir , at south The Yakpi Empire and at west the Imperial Sea .

Skidrow is currently the richest and latest city at Imperial Lands, finished at year ET63 .

Skidrow districts are:

Merchant district

Miners plaza


Panoramic view of Skidrow: arena dsitrict, eden district, market district and Church district.

Eden district

Green district

Mausoleum district

Church district

Market district

Arena district

Imperial Way


Size: Big

Biome: Woods

Quests: Around 20

Population: Imperials

Inspired on, a little bit, Imperial City (Oblivion)

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