2011-04-04 19.11.52

Ancester chamber and a ghost.

2011-04-04 19.12.29

Survivor chamber

Biggest cave system at Imperial Lands since v0.4 of the map.

Located at Orzammir , it can be accessed through a hole down the water of the Notch Waterfall. They were used by the human survivors during the dwarf rebellion, a war where dwarves took the throne to stop their abuse and destroy the slave system that the King of Orzammir had in that time.

Caves consists in 3 parts, first one is the Ancester Chamber, a dark room full of ghosts, which are the souls of the fallen survivors. Second room is the Cave Center and the third room is the Survivor Chamber, the room where the last survivor, Akivari died, it also has the sword related with the Quest: Akivari Sword.

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