2011-03-15 19.12.52

The Great Cascades.

2011-03-15 19.13.27

Top of The Great Cascades and Grak Mur house.

As the name says, The Great Cascade is a huge mountain, full of cascades and beautiful waterfalls in the middle of Imperial Lands , it is the start of the Imperial River .

At top, it lives the NPC Grak Mur , a lone pioneer.

Currently, the only way to reach it is by pressing the space bar and ascending by using the waterfalls, which sometimes can be really hard and frustrating.

EDIT: The creator of the map, lolo500 confirmed the top can be accessed by placing blocks.

At top, you will a quest, given by the living NPC, the quest is Church of Diablo.

Also, at top, temperature is really cold.

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