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View of Theva-ville from the village bar

Dangerous thieves village, located in the middle of The Kingdom, a few blocks near the Imperial River .

With a sandstone defense wall and really dangerous, inside it, it hides the biggest camp/homes of the baddest criminals at Imperial Lands.

It should only be accessed if you are doing the quest for the King Lewis "Protecting the canvas".

It can only be entered by the village sewers, which is a random hole near the village, at the grass that will lead you to the water well at the Theva-ville main plaza, the original entrance its a trap full of dispensers that will lead you to death.

Village consists in 1 bar, 4 stores, and 5 houses.

Theva-ville it is known by the corruption around the ville and it has the most dangerous bandits on Imperial Lands.


Size: Small

Quests: Around 5

Biome: Desert

Population: Thieves/Bandits

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