This article shows the changelist of all the Imperial Lands versions, from first one to last one.


Initial release.


Fixed v0.1 lag.


Fixed the books in blank bug.


Fixed the deleted chunks bug. (Yakpi empire , Cave island, Lost pirate island, Painting World and the Sirens fear ship).

Improved FPS.


Birch City



New structures at The Kingdom

Oblivion Gates

Nether towers

More than 40 new quests

More than 6 new hours of gameplay

New rumors

New NPC's

Expanded railway minecart system

Fixed railway kinecart system bug with v0.2.3

Some new better looking structures at Minecity

Tutorial quest/Initial quest added (Jail Escape )

A lot of bugs fixed

New save file format

Less lag


Fixed a big nether bug, there were not nether towers, now oblivion gates quests can be done.



New quests

New rumors

New NPC´s

New guilds

A lot of new structures

Erebor City

Fixed a lot of bugs

Cities will have a lot less enemies

Money system

More quests at other cities

Expanded minecart railway system

More than 2 new epic hours of gameplay

And a lot of other things

Currently, v0.4 only works on 1.3_01, check the Imperial Lands topic if you want to know how to downgrade minecraft.

v0.5 (coming soon):

Black Woods

New villages like J'ar Naf

New cities


New rumors

Bug fixes

New region

New quests

New NPC's

New name for the map

v0.6 (coming soon):

This version will be bring the most anticipated content for Imperial Lands:

Main quests, it has been confirmed that there will be more than 20 main quests, related with the king and the power for Imperial Lands and Black Woods.

This version will come a few weeks after v0.5 comes out, as long notch doesn't releases a minecraft update.

Give me suggestions here, or, if you dont have a forums account, send a message to my wikia account or my youtube account:

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