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Welcome To Your Minecity Home


Garden: Just a few flowers but hey! It makes the house look more like home.

Foutain/Water Features: There are many water features outside there are, pools, fountains, small pools a perfect place to get water and fish!

Mine/Caves: The Caves outside the Kitchen are full of ores and riches for you to find! The mine is conected to the first room and just wanting to be searched.


The First Room: Your first room consists of six bookcases, a jukebox, a crafting table, a furnace, some chest and a book on rumors

Kitchen: The kiten has a jukebox, a "fridge", a furnace and a good view of a water feature.

Where "magic" happens


Study Room: The study has six bookcases, a furnace, a jukebox, a chest and, two workbenches.

Glass Room: In the glass room there are six bookcases, a furnace and a jukebox with the song Cat (Green Record) in it.

Bed Room: In the bedroom," magic" happens (Skipping the night!) with the two beds, the chests and the HOT lava celling.


  • The quest Desease can be started outside the house.


  • You can build in your house.
  • Your house is next to The Farm District, Yon Palaus's House and Senza Mirika's House.
  • Check carefully in the empty surronding land near your house, mabye you will find a sub quest.
  • There are alot of spawners around your home ;)

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